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LESSON 7: Hyperlinks

  1. What is a hyperlink?
  2. Element A.
  3. Examples.

1. What is a hyperlink?

Hyperlink (or hypertext link) is an element in a HTML document that links to another place in the same document or to an entirely different document.

A text or an image is hyperlink if the mouse pointer changes to a hand over it. Typically, you click on the hyperlink to follow the link.

For example, the content items at the beginning of this lesson are hyperlinks.

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2. Element A.


The A element denotes an anchor -- a hypertext link or the destination of a link.

The A element denotes a hypertext link if HREF attribute is used.

The A element denotes a destination of a link if NAME attribute is used.

Both attributes may be used in the same A element.




Attribute Description
HREF="URI" Specifies the hypertext reference for the link.
NAME="name" Specifies the destination for the link.
TARGET="name" Specifies the name of the frame, in which the link should be rendered. If no frame with such a name exists, the link is rendered in a new window.
Special frame names begin with an underscore:

_blank renders the link in a new, unnamed window;

_parent renders the link in the immediate FRAMESET parent;

_self renders the link in the current frame;

_top renders the link in the full, unframed window.

Note: Click here for more information about URI's.

\..........Examples to see

Examples 1-5 demonstrate A attributes.
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3. Examples.

Choose an example and move below the text box to see the HTML code.

Example 1: Link to another document.
Example 2: Inside link.
Example 3: Using image as a link.
Example 4: Changing the color of links.
Example 5: Sending an E-mail.
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